Great Forest National Park ‘dead in the water’

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 Great Forest National Park ‘dead in the water’

Shooters Fishers and Farmers Member for the Northern Victoria Region Daniel Young MLC put the Andrews Government on notice today that it will not have support to create the so-called Great Forest National Park.

On Wednesday, Mr Young put forward a motion that a moratorium be placed on the creation of the proposed national park in north east Victoria. The motion backed by the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party was met with a tied vote, with support from the Liberal-National Coalition, the Democratic Labour Party, and Vote 1 Local Jobs party.

Mr Young said the result is an indication that any legislation for a Great Forest National Park produced by the Andrews Government would fail to gain a majority vote in the Legislative Council.

“As such, the Great Forest National Park proposal is dead in the water,” Mr Young said. “I call on the Government to now focus on the issues it currently has in park land management.”

Architects of the proposal want to see nearly 355,000 hectares of public land locked up, which would prohibit activities enjoyed by thousands of recreational outdoor enthusiasts, as well as shut down a sustainable timber industry.

“The push by city-dwelling advocates for the proposed national park has been without wider consultation of regional and rural Victorians, or with those who use the area frequently,” Mr Young said.


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