MP calls for action on Hunting Plan

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MP calls for action on Hunting Plan

With the long-awaited release of the Victorian Government’s Sustainable Hunting Action Plan today, Shooters Fishers and Farmers Member for the Northern Victoria Region Daniel Young is calling for immediate implementation of the stated actions.

“The content is impressive, but at a high level. So, we need to see how the actions will be implemented,” Mr Young said.

“Already, I have questions about how and when the Government will implement the many actions listed.

“For example, the plan calls to ‘improve seasonal announcements’ with ‘early advice’ to hunters about seasonal variations. Yet, here we are, a little over three months from the 2017 duck season and the Government has held off on announcing whether there will be a full season as legislated. The Government is withholding this information, despite having all the information it needs to make the announcement.”

Mr Young said the Sustainable Hunting Action Plan is long overdue.

“While you can say, ‘better late than never’, this is an opportunity for the Government to step up and show it plans to invest and commit to those who live and spend time in rural and regional Victoria.”

The Sustainable Hunting Action Plan is set to invest $5.3 million into the hunting industry to provide for long-term growth in benefits that are economic, environmental and social.

“Hunters have a proven track record of investing heavily in this lifestyle; both financially and through their personal commitment to the conservation of the environment. The social benefits of hunting range from generational skill sharing to community-building.

“I am encouraged by this plan and the Government’s view to ensure hunting can be sustainable for future generations.”

Mr Young also welcomed the recent appointment of a new chair to the Game Management Authority, with the aim of implementing the actions listed in the plan.



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