Duck hunting season announcement falls short: MP Young

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Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party Member for the Northern Victoria Region Daniel Young welcomed the State Government’s announcement today it will not place restrictions in 2017 on the length and daily bag limits allowed for duck hunting.
However, he said a ban on hunting blue-winged shovelers falls short of hunters’ expectations. Also, with the delay in announcing the season, Mr Young is concerned the Andrews Government is not being forthright in whether there will be any restrictions to wetland access.
“Duck hunters are bitterly disappointed the Andrews Government has decided to restrict the hunting of blue-winged shovelers without cause or reason,” Mr Young said.
He said there is no evidence or scientific basis to remove blue-winged shovelers, which is one of eight species normally allowed to be hunted.
“Without such evidence, it would appear the Andrews Government is making another random attempt to appease anti-duck hunting activists, who continue to campaign on lies and bullying tactics to further an agenda that tries to demean and vilify duck hunters and their way of life.”
After the government’s highly critical approach of last-minute wetland closures in 2016, Mr Young said he is not convinced similar actions won’t happen again in 2017 after the Andrews Government delayed an announcement for the season.
“Whilst the Premier makes statements that he supports duck hunting, his government has a funny way of showing it by again waiting until January until making an announcement for the season. It has been evident since late November that conditions are ideal for a full season, as legislated. So, one has to ask why the Government took so long to confirm what was already known.
“This is now the third year running that this Government has placed restrictions on duck hunting using unreliable or non-existent evidence.”

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  1. Keith D
    | Reply

    Martin K, speak for yourself. Field and Game Australia’s submission was for a full unmodified season. Full season, full bag including bluewing has my support.

  2. Ctaig Golding
    | Reply

    Well done Daniel.

    Wouldnt trust the Andrews Government as far as you could kick them.

    As for the Blue Wing Shoveler being left of the list of huntable species well, thats simply Andrews ‘giving’ the antis something.

    Decisions about hunting, or guns, are rarely evedenced based by Governments.

    Stick to your guns, give them nothing amd keep up the good work.

  3. Martin K
    | Reply

    Daniel you sound like someone who won’t take yes for and answer, the vast majority of shooters like the balanced approach taken, we don’t want to start sounding like those nut bag Americans.

  4. Bart Irwin
    | Reply

    Gday Daniel, Maybe the late announcement was because the Goverment didn’t have Field and Game Australia’s submission regarding the duck hunting season until December 16 2016. If they were waiting for a report that is pretty much the same as the previous years report, they would want to see if there was anything different among the 34 pages that saw them decide on a reduced bag limit in 2016.

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