Victoria’s forestry industry community holds grave concerns

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The repercussions of Australian Sustainable Hardwoods’ (ASH) plan to close its mill at Heyfield in September are being felt across the forestry industry community.

While Heyfield braces for a closure that is tipped to devastate the local community, other operators across Victoria are voicing their concerns about what the impact will mean for them.

Today, I had the opportunity to discuss the issue with Philip McCormack of McCormack Harwood Sales, and see his operation that is based in Noble Park.

Needless to say, the Heyfield mill shutting down would have a huge impact on operations like McCormack, the businesses it supplies and the customers that depend on the products.

While I have been working to highlight the concerns and consequences with the Andrews Government, the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party will continue to raise the issue in Parliament when it resumes for the year on Tuesday next week.

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  1. Rachel Springfield
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    I live in Heyfield and if ASH yes it’s gunna affect all of Victoria and the the timber Industry but it is going to be an absolute lose to the town of Heyfield there is a possibility of closures of the only 2 primary schools in Heyfield but small businesses that we as a town rely on .The Andrew’s government need to pull their heads out of there asses and really look at what they r doing to my small town of Heyfield and how it’s going to affect the livelihood of each person in this town

  2. kevin armstrong
    | Reply

    does any of these people understand the ramifacations of not taking notice of what ash needs to remain viable.The next lot of big fires that get going will decimate the high country and all the fauna and flora that these idiots are going to stand idly by and watch another small town suffer adding further to the manufacturing jobs lost forever wake up before its to late

  3. Pumpkin
    | Reply

    Hopefully dilly dally dan won’t bow to the greens. Manufacturing in Australia will take another massive hit. This does not just Heyfield but other regional Victoria towns.

  4. Daniel
    | Reply

    We have to stop talking about this topic being isolated to ASH. This is the entire Victorian hardwood industry that we are about to lose. And for what benefit? If you understand the sustainability practices our local industry use, you would be surprised it doesn’t cost a fortune!

    So, let’s just import it all and give another country more of our money. Not because we couldn’t do it. Because we couldn’t be bothered telling minority groups that they are wrong!

  5. Paul hobby
    | Reply

    Is there anyway whatsoever to stop not just this closure, but the “end game” that is the gfnp ? The taskforce is nothing but a facade, a way for labour to lie to us all and say ” look, we did our best, and this is what we it” , it’s no different to the high country cattlemen investigation: rigged, all the right people in all the right places, just look who is on the taskforce, there is only way it will go if they don’t get an injection of truth.

  6. H Macaulay
    | Reply

    WE have become controlled by Socialist idealology.Greens. unions.City Centric comfort public payroll doogooders.Sick of the whole deal

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