MP aims to factor conventional gas into energy security issues

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Supporting the ban on fracking in Victoria, Member for the Northern Victoria Region Daniel Young will introduce an amendment next week to remove the legislative moratorium on conventional gas exploration.

The Victorian Legislative Council is expected to debate next week the Resources Legislation Amendment (Fracking Ban) Bill 2016, which was passed with bi-partisan support in the Legislative Assembly last week.

“We are 100 percent against fracking,” said Mr Young, a member of the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party. “But we do not believe a temporary ban on conventional gas exploration should have been put in the mix, as it does not pose the same environmental damages as fracking.”

The bill seeks to permanently ban unconventional gas exploration, such as hydraulic fracturing for coal seam gas extraction. Meanwhile, it legislates a ban for onshore conventional gas exploration to 2020.

“We are proposing amendments to the bill and seeking discussions with the Government to resume operations,” Mr Young said. “Even the Prime Minister criticised this bill, which begs to question why the Victorian Coalition allowed this bill to proceed without a reprieve for the conventional gas sector.

“There is no reason onshore conventional gas exploration should not proceed, as the industry has proven it is committed to investing in an operation that is safe and viable for its long-term growth. The result for Victoria is to keep an industry that will provide jobs and responsible resource production.”

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