Victoria watches as SA duck hunting season opens

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Duck hunting will start early for Victorian hunters fortunate enough to head to South Australia for its opening on Saturday. In Victoria, we have seen the benefits of improved wetland habitat and local hunters will be eager to experience the same ideal conditions present in neighbouring South Australia.

Meanwhile, South Australia is set to benefit from a likely influx of out-of-state hunters, as it is getting a jump on the nation’s duck hunting season. Tasmania will open the season on March 11 and Victoria on March 18. Due to the earlier opening, there is a chance South Australia will see a tourism boom it could not capitalise on last year because both states opened duck hunting on the same day.

We know hunting overall generates the second largest tourism income stream in Victoria. With the greatest number of wetlands and registered duck hunters in Australia, Victoria should be capitalising on its status as the nation’s duck hunting capital. I look forward to hearing how the Victorian Government will facilitate hunting tourism in the future, which should incorporate the action of ‘promoting regional hunting opportunities’ (such as duck hunting) listed in the state’s Sustainable Hunting Action Plan.

For now, I wish everyone heading over the border well and invite you to share your stories with us.


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