National Party all bluster, no action on water concerns

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Member for Northern Victoria Daniel Young has called on the National Party to come good on their plan to seek a parliamentary inquiry into the management of the state’s environmental water.

“The Nationals’ Luke O’Sullivan MP proposed the inquiry, and then Peter Walsh MP announced in a regional newspaper that the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party should support it,” Mr Young said.

“We would absolutely support such an inquiry. A fact Mr Walsh would have been aware of, had anyone from the Nationals bothered to come to me and discuss their proposal.

“I am now left to wonder why all the bluster from Mr Walsh, as Mr O’Sullivan has since failed to put the motion for debate and it now stagnates in Parliament, unable to get priority over the Liberal Party agenda.”

Mr O’Sullivan raised the motion calling for the inquiry on February 21, but has let nearly a month pass without a debate. The motion calls for an inquiry that would assess environment water management in relation to ‘blackwater’ events, which have resulted in a number of fish kills in the Northern Region; the carryover of environmental water impacts on the availability of water for irrigators; and, the barriers that exist to more efficient use of environmental water.

“I’m prepared to back a good proposal, but if the Nationals feel this is not an issue of significance, I am more than happy to take the matter up at Parliament’s next sitting week later this month – without delay.”

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