MP seeks transparency in the making of firearm regulations

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Member for Northern Victoria Daniel Young today successfully moved a motion that requires the Victorian Government to share documents that reveal what advice and information it uses in forming firearm regulations in the state.

A member of the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party, Mr Young received bi-partisan support in Parliament for his motion for documents, which he raised in an attempt to provide transparency on what lies behind the Government’s decision-making policies on firearm regulations.

Individual states determine the scope of firearm regulations within their respective jurisdictions. The Federal Justice Minister has recently distanced himself from an expectation that states will adhere to recent changes to the National Firearms Agreement.

Mr Young believes the latest changes are unnecessary in Victoria, and also questions the process by which this has happened.

“The proposed regulations are aimed at law-abiding firearm owners,” Mr Young said. “There is nothing to indicate law-abiding firearm owners do not abide by current regulations established in Victoria, and we question why they need to be changed or made more restrictive.

“The documents requested for review will go a long way in providing transparency into what advice is given and how the State Police Minister uses this information in contributing to changes to the National Firearms Agreement.

“It is disrespectful to firearm owners to make decision that are made from baseless opinion, rather than facts and evidence.”


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