MP Supports Funding for Australian National Hunting Archive

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Member for Northern Victoria Daniel Young today welcomed news that the Wetlands Environmental Taskforce would receive a grant to develop an electronic catalogue system for the Australian National Hunting Archive.

As a member of the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party, Mr Young understands the importance of the both the environmental and social value that hunting has had in shaping Victoria’s history.

“We are supportive of the commitment to our hunting history and heritage and hope the recognition of its value drives improvements for hunting in the State”, he said.

The recently released inquiry into the control of invasive animals on Crown land by the

Victorian Parliament’s Environment, Natural Resources and Regional Development Committee, of which Mr Young is a member, also acknowledges the importance of the hunting culture in Victoria.

“The report noted the importance of recreational hunters who have strong environmental ethics, who volunteer their time to assist with the control of invasive animals and contribute significantly to conservation work through their hunting activities”, Mr Young said.

“This is the culture that I and many others have grown up with. It is one we are proud of and is steeped in tradition. It deserves not only the recognition but the protection provided by the Hunting Archives.”

“Capturing the Archive’s collection of information electronically will mean that the public will have access to a readily available historical account of how hunting has developed over time in Victoria’s history, which would go a long way to educate those unfamiliar with hunting culture”, he said.

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