MP Challenges Duck Season Closures

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Shooters and Fishers Member for Northern Victoria Daniel Young is challenging the state to be honest about the reason for closing some wetlands, in advance of the duck season opening on March 19. Specifically, Mr Young is questioning the reason stated … Read More

MP Calls for National Park Moratorium

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Member for Northern Victoria Region Daniel Young is calling for a five-year moratorium on the establishment of the Great Forest National Park, much of which would encompass, more than 350,000 hectares of land in the state’s northeast. “I am not convinced due … Read More

Off road tracks clean up

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Four wheel-enthusiasts Daniel Lyons and Dean Harris of Northern Victoria, and others, have organised a clean-up of illegally dumped litter near off-road tracks on public land. The media article illustrates to the wider community the commitment outdoor enthusiasts have in … Read More

Changes to preferential voting system

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Moves by the Federal Government to change the preference voting system in the Senate should be concerning to voters in Victoria. Not only would this impact on the election of Federal Members such as Senator Ricky Muir of Victoria, it … Read More

Short changed on reduced bag limits

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How unfair is the exercise by the State Government to charge hunters full price for a duck hunt season but leave them short-changed by introducing a reduced bag limit? During Question Time in Parliament last week, I reminded the Minister … Read More

Concerns over delay in educational funds

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Member for Northern Victoria Region Daniel Young is questioning why funding promised for 2016 to assist Victoria’s most disadvantaged students has yet to be distributed. The Victorian Government announced last year that an $8.6 million two-year pilot program called Navigator … Read More

Kangaroo pet food trial successful

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9 February 2016 The announcement that the Victorian Government will extend and expand the state’s kangaroo pet food trial is encouraging, Shooters and Fishers Party Member for Parliament Daniel Young said. But, after a successful initial two-year trial, Mr Young … Read More

Hunters participate in wetlands clean-up

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3 February 2016 Daniel Young, Member for Northern Victoria Region, will be among hunters cleaning up Richardson’s Lagoon State Game Reserve on Saturday (6 February 2016), as part of World Wetlands Day, and invites others to join him. The clean-up … Read More

Carp eradication plan welcome

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January 14, 2016 News that a virus targeting carp may be ready for release within months couldn’t come soon enough, according to Member for Eastern Victoria Jeff Bourman, who raised the issued in November. The ‘herpes’ virus has been tested … Read More

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