Public firewood collection ban slammed

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A ban placed on the collection of firewood from public reserves and parks in the state’s northwest is shortsighted and city-centric, Shooters and Fishers Member for Northern Victoria Daniel Young said on Wednesday. Without consultation, the Department of Environment, Land, … Read More

Concerns over delay in educational funds

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Member for Northern Victoria Region Daniel Young is questioning why funding promised for 2016 to assist Victoria’s most disadvantaged students has yet to be distributed. The Victorian Government announced last year that an $8.6 million two-year pilot program called Navigator … Read More

Shooters and Fishers call for informed leadership

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The overnight and behind closed-door changes to gun ownership regulations made by Prime Minister Tony Abbott, which only allow five-shot shotguns into Australia as Category A firearms, demonstrate complete contempt for due process, transparency and democracy, according to the Shooters … Read More

Supporting the crack down on illegal guns

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The Shooters and Fishers Party Victoria supports the Government and Police crackdown on illegal firearms. A recent report on the number of firearms being seized demonstrates that the criminal element is not hearing the message that society will not tolerate … Read More

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