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MokoanImportant Facts About Winton Wetlands
  • Created following decommission of the popular Lake Mokoan in 2009.
  • As a lake, was home to thousands of waterbirds and related habitat that supported a substantial hunting tourism influx to the local communities.
  • With creation of Winton Wetlands, a committee of management sets the agenda for the use of the public lands and now prohibits hunting in favour of ‘eco-tourism’ activities such as bird watching.
  • The Victorian Government has invested $20 million for the development of a function centre and other attractions, which have yet to generate the interest or visitation to the area once supported when Lake Mokoan existed.
  • Management of Winton Wetlands is challenged by the invasion of feral animals now allowed to roam free due to the prohibition of hunting on these public lands.
  • I believe proper, targeted management of Winton Wetlands can support both ‘eco-tourism’ and traditional hunting activities that would establish realistic conservation methods and create a substantial, sustainable economic injection into the community.


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